The Bloomsbury Companion to Dance Studies

The Bloomsbury Companion to Dance Studies
Title The Bloomsbury Companion to Dance Studies PDF eBook
Author Sherril Dodds
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages 464
Release 2019-03-21
Genre Performing Arts
ISBN 135002449X

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The Bloomsbury Companion to Dance Studies brings together leading international dance scholars in this single collection to provide a vivid picture of the state of contemporary dance research. The book commences with an introduction that privileges dancing as both a site of knowledge formation and a methodological approach, followed by a provocative overview of the methods and problems that dance studies currently faces as an established disciplinary field. The volume contains eleven core chapters that each map out a specific area of inquiry: Dance Pedagogy, Practice-As-Research, Dance and Politics, Dance and Identity, Dance Science, Screendance, Dance Ethnography, Popular Dance, Dance History, Dance and Philosophy, and Digital Dance. Although these sub-disciplinary domains do not fully capture the dynamic ways in which dance scholars work across multiple positions and perspectives, they reflect the major interests and innovations around which dance studies has organized its teaching and research. Therefore each author speaks to the labels, methods, issues and histories of each given category, while also exemplifying this scholarship in action. The dances under investigation range from experimental conceptual concert dance through to underground street dance practices, and the geographic reach encompasses dance-making from Europe, North and South America, the Caribbean and Asia. The book ends with a chapter that looks ahead to new directions in dance scholarship, in addition to an annotated bibliography and list of key concepts. The volume is an essential guide for students and scholars interested in the creative and critical approaches that dance studies can offer.

Futures of Dance Studies

Futures of Dance Studies
Title Futures of Dance Studies PDF eBook
Author Susan Manning
Publisher University of Wisconsin Press
Total Pages 589
Release 2020-01-14
Genre Performing Arts
ISBN 0299322408

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A collaboration between well-established and rising scholars, Futures of Dance Studies suggests multiple directions for new research in the field. Essays address dance in a wider range of contexts--onstage, on screen, in the studio, and on the street--and deploy methods from diverse disciplines. Engaging African American and African diasporic studies, Latinx and Latin American studies, gender and sexuality studies, and Asian American and Asian studies, this anthology demonstrates the relevance of dance analysis to adjacent fields"--

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Dance and Philosophy

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Dance and Philosophy
Title The Bloomsbury Handbook of Dance and Philosophy PDF eBook
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages 528
Release 2021-01-28
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 1350103489

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An innovative examination of the ways in which dance and philosophy inform each other, Dance and Philosophy brings together authorities from a variety of disciplines to expand our understanding of dance and dance scholarship. Featuring an eclectic mix of materials from exposes to dance therapy sessions to demonstrations, Dance and Philosophy addresses centuries of scholarship, dance practice, the impacts of technological and social change, politics, cultural diversity and performance. Structured thematically to draw out the connection between different perspectives, this books covers: - Philosophy practice and how it corresponds to dance - Movement, embodiment and temporality - Philosophy and dance traditions in everyday life - The intersection between dance and technology - Critical reflections on dance Offering important contributions to our understanding of dance as well as expanding the study of philosophy, this book is key to sparking new conversations concerning the philosophy of dance.

Researching Dance

Researching Dance
Title Researching Dance PDF eBook
Author Sondra Horton Fraleigh
Publisher University of Pittsburgh Pre
Total Pages 382
Release 1998-03-15
Genre Performing Arts
ISBN 082297195X

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In Researching Dance, an introduction to research methods in dance addressed primarily to graduate students, the editors explore dance as evolutional, defining it in view of its intrinsic participatory values, its developmental aspects, and its purposes from art to ritual, and they examine the role of theory in research. The editors have also included essays by nine dancer-scholars who examine qualitative and quantitative inquiry and delineate the most common approaches for investigating dance, raising concerns about philosophy and aesthetics, historical scholarship, movement analysis, sexual and gender identification, cultural diversity, and the resources available to students. The writers have included study questions, research exercises, and suggested readings to facilitate the book’s use as a classroom text.

The Bloomsbury Companion to Language Industry Studies

The Bloomsbury Companion to Language Industry Studies
Title The Bloomsbury Companion to Language Industry Studies PDF eBook
Author Erik Angelone
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages 359
Release 2019-11-14
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 1350024945

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This volume provides a comprehensive overview of the key issues shaping the language industry, including translation, interpreting, machine translation, editing, terminology management, technology and accessibility. By exploring current and future research topics and methods, the Companion addresses language industry stakeholders, researchers, trainers and working professionals who are keen to know more about the dynamics of the language industry. Providing systematic coverage of a diverse range of translation and interpreting related topics and featuring an A to Z of key terms, The Bloomsbury Companion to Language Industry Studies examines how industry trends and technological advancement can optimize best practices in multilingual communication, language industry workspaces and training.

Dance Education

Dance Education
Title Dance Education PDF eBook
Author Susan R. Koff
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages 213
Release 2021-01-14
Genre Performing Arts
ISBN 135008803X

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Winner of the 2021 Ruth Lovell Murray Book Award Dance Education redefines the nature of dance pedagogy today, setting it within a holistic and encompassing framework, and argues for an approach to dance education from a soci-cultural and philosophical perspective. In the past, dance education has focused on the learning of dance, limited to Western-based societies, with little attention to how dance is learned and applied globally. This book seeks to re-frame the way dance education is defined, approached and taught by looking beyond the privileged Western dance forms to compare education from different cultures. Structured into three parts, this book examines the following essential questions: - What is dance? What defines dance as an art form? - How and where is dance performed and for what purpose? - How do social contexts shape the making and interpretation of dance? The first part covers the history of dance education and its definition. The second part discusses current contexts and applications, including global contexts and the ability to apply and comprehend dance education in a variety of contexts. This book opens up definitions, rather than categorising, so that dance is not presented in a hierarchical form. The third part continues to define dance education in ways that have not been discussed in the past: informal contexts. The book then returns to the original definition of dance education as a way of knowing oneself and the world around us, ending on the philosophical application of this self-knowledge as a way to be in the world and to engage with others, regardless of background. This textbook is a refreshing and much-needed contribution to the field of dance studies by one of the most eminent voices in the field.

Looking at Dances

Looking at Dances
Title Looking at Dances PDF eBook
Author Valerie Preston-Dunlop
Total Pages 240
Release 2021-05-28
ISBN 9781914311208

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Does a dance communicate ? What ? How ? Are all dances meaningful ? Do spectators see what a choreographer sees ? "The strands of the dance medium like locks of hair plait into one meaningful whole. The interlock is all." The interlock is what this book explores from the choreographer and performers' perspective with every genre in contemporary dance theatre in mind. Written for practical people in dance, the text is organised in 32 short chapters each addressing a question on the way in which choreographers might or might not engage with their audiences in dance theatre works. The topics include an introduction to communication theory and the way in which the interlocking network between performers, movement material, sound, and performance can carry meaning. The book is written from choreographers' and performers' perspectives, with 46 dance works cited from a wide range of genres. The text is unusually presented - as closely as possible to how we speak to each other - with key words in bold type for ease of reference. Valerie Preston-Dunlop is an internationally recognised lecturer, teacher, and author on dance. She is currently Adviser for Postgraduate Studies and Research at the Trinity Laban Centre in London.