My Loose Thread

My Loose Thread
Title My Loose Thread PDF eBook
Author Dennis Cooper
Publisher Canongate Books
Total Pages 168
Release 2002
Genre Fiction

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At the heart of the work is Larry, a teenager who is struggling to understand not only his sexuality and physical feelings toward his younger brother but also the purpose and reason behind his own existence. Larry is offered $500 to kill a fellow pupil and retrieve the boy's notebook. It all seems straightforward enough. However, once Larry ventures into the notebook, complications arise.

108 Stitches

108 Stitches
Title 108 Stitches PDF eBook
Author Ron Darling
Publisher St. Martin's Press
Total Pages 273
Release 2019-04-02
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 125018438X

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New York Times Bestseller This is New York Times bestselling author and Emmy-nominated broadcaster Ron Darling's 108 baseball anecdotes that connect America’s game to the men who played it. In 108 Stitches, New York Times bestselling author and Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Ron Darling offers his own take on the "six degrees of separation" game and knits together wild, wise, and wistful stories reflecting the full arc of a life in and around our national pastime. Darling has played with or reported on just about everybody who has put on a uniform since 1983, and they in turn have played with or reported on just about everybody who put on a uniform in a previous generation. Through relationships with baseball legends on and off the field, like Yale coach Smoky Joe Wood, Willie Mays, Bart Giamatti, Tom Seaver and Mickey Mantle, Darling's reminiscences reach all the way back to Babe Ruth and other early twentieth-century greats. Like the 108 stitches on a baseball, Darling's experiences are interwoven with every athlete who has ever played, every coach or manager who ever sat in a dugout, and every fan who ever played hooky from work or school to sit in the bleachers for a day game. Darling's anecdotes come together to tell the story of his time in the game, and the story of the game itself.


Title Wrong PDF eBook
Author Dennis Cooper
Publisher Grove Press
Total Pages 178
Release 1992
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9780802133670

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This collection of short stories uses death to probe the meaning of life. It introduces a man who abducts, molests, and murders young boys; a trip to Amsterdam; and a teenage rock band called Horror Hospital.

Follow This Thread

Follow This Thread
Title Follow This Thread PDF eBook
Author Henry Eliot
Publisher Crown
Total Pages 247
Release 2019-03-05
Genre Reference
ISBN 1984824457

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Beautifully designed and gorgeously illustrated, this immersive, puzzle-like exploration of the history and psychology of mazes and labyrinths evokes the spirit of Choose Your Own Adventure, the textual inventiveness of Tom Stoppard, and the philosophical spirit of Jorge Luis Borges. Labyrinths are as old as humanity, the proving grounds of heroes, the paths of pilgrims, symbols of spiritual rebirth and pleasure gardens for pure entertainment. Henry Eliot leads us on a twisting journey through the world of mazes, real and imagined, unraveling our ancient, abiding relationship with them and exploring why they continue to fascinate us, from Kafka to Kubrick to the myth of the Minotaur and a quest to solve the disappearance of the legendary Maze King. Are you ready to step inside?

Quilt as Desired

Quilt as Desired
Title Quilt as Desired PDF eBook
Author Arlene Sachitano
Publisher Zumaya Enigma
Total Pages 236
Release 2007-04-15
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1612711634

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Stitching with a thread of murder. Harriet Truman's husband kept secret from her that he had a terminal genetic illness. Embittered and angry, she returns to Foggy Point, Washington, the small town where she spent some of her happier childhood years, to fill in at the long-arm quilting studio while her aunt Beth takes a well-deserved cruise of Europe. It's her aunt's plan to get Harriet back into living, and to that end she has signed over both her business and her house—which now belong to Harriet. In her first few days in town, Harriet meets her aunt's best friend, Avanell Jalbert, and the other members of their quilting group, the Loose Threads. She also meets Avanell's younger son Aiden, a handsome veterinarian newly returned from a stint in Africa who doesn't hesitate a second making it clear he finds Harriet more than interesting. Then Avanell is murdered, and no one seems to have any idea why. The same night, Harriet's studio is vandalized. Before too long, it becomes clear the two events are related. The question is, can Harriet figure out what that connection is before whoever killed Avanell decides to do the same to her.

Simply Living Well

Simply Living Well
Title Simply Living Well PDF eBook
Author Julia Watkins
Publisher Houghton Mifflin
Total Pages 291
Release 2020
Genre Gardening
ISBN 0358202183

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Easy recipes, DIY projects, and other ideas for living a beautiful and low-waste life, from the expert behind on Instagram.

Book of Lost Threads

Book of Lost Threads
Title Book of Lost Threads PDF eBook
Author Tess Evans
Publisher Allen & Unwin
Total Pages 362
Release 2011-04-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1742692680

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In the small town of Opportunity, four mismatched people discover the unexpected power of kindness.