The Animal Boogie

The Animal Boogie
Title The Animal Boogie PDF eBook
Author Debbie Harter
Publisher Barefoot Books
Total Pages 0
Release 2011
Genre Animals
ISBN 9781846867163

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In the jungle, the animals' toes are twitching, their bodies are wiggling, and their wings are flapping, as they teach children how to do the Animal Boogie.

Bear Can Dance!

Bear Can Dance!
Title Bear Can Dance! PDF eBook
Author Suzanne Bloom
Publisher Astra Publishing House
Total Pages 34
Release 2023-07-25
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1662620470

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In Suzanne Bloom's lovable story, the seventh in the popular Goose and Bear series, Bear discovers that not getting what you want isn't always a bad thing. In fact, it may lead to something surprising. Bear wishes he could fly. He wants to swoop and glide and feel the wind in his fur. Yet no matter how hard he flaps his arms, he can't get off the ground. Goose and Fox offer support, but Bear remains earthbound—until he hears music. Suddenly, Bear is gliding and swooping and light on his feet.

Bear in Sunshine

Bear in Sunshine
Title Bear in Sunshine PDF eBook
Author Stella Blackstone
Publisher Barefoot Books
Total Pages 27
Release 2019-09-01
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1782859454

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Enjoy the seasons with Bear, as he partakes in a different activity for each kind of weather. The rhyme and humor of the text help to introduce the concepts, and a two-page spread of the four seasons offers a recap at the end.

The Boogie Woogie Bear

The Boogie Woogie Bear
Title The Boogie Woogie Bear PDF eBook
Author Jeryl Christmas
Total Pages 36
Release 2020-05-04
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 9781734810615

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The boogie woogie bear loves to dance. A goose loves to giggle, a pig loves to snort, and a worm loves to wiggle. BUT when a bossy bird upsets a bat, the bat starts a movement to ban all of these actions. No more dancing, giggling, snorting, and wiggling UNTIL the bossy bird leads a protest to resume all such carefree actions. The boogie woogie bear then gives this advice:So ...Dance,Wiggle,Snort till you jiggle.Be ...Kind,Nice,Smile till you giggle!

The Bear Who Went Boo!

The Bear Who Went Boo!
Title The Bear Who Went Boo! PDF eBook
Author David Walliams
Publisher HarperCollins Children's Books
Total Pages 32
Release 2017-01-12
ISBN 9780008215880

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From Number One bestselling picture book duo, David Walliams and Tony Ross, comes this bear-illiantly funny adventure for children of 3 and up. At the top of the world, surrounded by snow and ice, lives a very cheeky polar bear cub who loves to goâe¦ BOO! But this little bear cub doesnâe(tm)t always know when to stopâe¦ Presenting a mischievous new picture book packed with snow and surprises, from two standout talents!

Bear on a Bike

Bear on a Bike
Title Bear on a Bike PDF eBook
Author Stella Blackstone
Publisher Barefoot Books
Total Pages 28
Release 2001
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 9781841483757

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Bear likes to play in all kinds of weather.

Sun Bear: The Path of Power

Sun Bear: The Path of Power
Title Sun Bear: The Path of Power PDF eBook
Author Sunbear
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Total Pages 386
Release 2011-10-18
Genre History
ISBN 145167239X

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In The Path of Power, Sun Bear's life and lessons are told subtly through stories of his experiences—through his teachings, readers can discover how to accomplish their goals, survive this time of earth cleansing, and follow their own path of power in life. From a childhood spent in the forest of the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota, Sun Bear went on to become one of the most groundbreaking and inspiring spiritual teachers of the late twentieth century. Far ahead of his time, he founded an interracial medicine society of teachers dedicated to sharing with others those lessons of earth harmony which they had learned through their own experience. His vision of the medicine wheel became a worldwide phenomenon that inspired many people to learn more about the earth and all their relations upon her. Almost two decades after his death, Sun Bear's lessons are even more necessary today than ever.