The Idealist

The Idealist
Title The Idealist PDF eBook
Author Nina Munk
Publisher Anchor
Total Pages 272
Release 2013-09-10
Genre Social Science
ISBN 0385537743

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NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY Bloomberg • Forbes • The Spectator Recipient of Foreign Policy's 2013 Albie Award A powerful portrayal of Jeffrey Sachs's ambitious quest to end global poverty "The poor you will always have with you," to cite the Gospel of Matthew 26:11. Jeffrey Sachs—celebrated economist, special advisor to the Secretary General of the United Nations, and author of the influential bestseller The End of Poverty—disagrees. In his view, poverty is a problem that can be solved. With single-minded determination he has attempted to put into practice his theories about ending extreme poverty, to prove that the world's most destitute people can be lifted onto "the ladder of development." In 2006, Sachs launched the Millennium Villages Project, a daring five-year experiment designed to test his theories in Africa. The first Millennium village was in Sauri, a remote cluster of farming communities in western Kenya. The initial results were encouraging. With his first taste of success, and backed by one hundred twenty million dollars from George Soros and other likeminded donors, Sachs rolled out a dozen model villages in ten sub-Saharan countries. Once his approach was validated it would be scaled up across the entire continent. At least that was the idea. For the past six years, Nina Munk has reported deeply on the Millennium Villages Project, accompanying Sachs on his official trips to Africa and listening in on conversations with heads-of-state, humanitarian organizations, rival economists, and development experts. She has immersed herself in the lives of people in two Millennium villages: Ruhiira, in southwest Uganda, and Dertu, in the arid borderland between Kenya and Somalia. Accepting the hospitality of camel herders and small-hold farmers, and witnessing their struggle to survive, Munk came to understand the real-life issues that challenge Sachs's formula for ending global poverty. THE IDEALIST is the profound and moving story of what happens when the abstract theories of a brilliant, driven man meet the reality of human life.

The Idealist: The Story of Baron Pierre de Coubertin

The Idealist: The Story of Baron Pierre de Coubertin
Title The Idealist: The Story of Baron Pierre de Coubertin PDF eBook
Author George Hirthler
Publisher Ringworks Press
Total Pages 540
Release 2016-06-16
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9780997475906

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In its narrative scope, The Idealist spans two centuries, covering the 74 years of Coubertin's lifefrom his birth in Pairs in 1863 to his death in Geneva in 1937. It reveals how the transformation of Paris into the capital of modernity helped fire a young man's imaginationand how the drumbeats of war sounded by the German hosts of the 1936 Berlin Olympics spoiled an old man's dreams, and left him bereft of hope for the Movement he created to foster peace among nations.

The Idealist

The Idealist
Title The Idealist PDF eBook
Author Justin Peters
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Total Pages 352
Release 2017-01-03
Genre Computers
ISBN 1476767742

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Aaron Swartz was a zealous young advocate for the free exchange of information and creative content online. He committed suicide in 2013 after being indicted by the government for illegally downloading millions of academic articles from a nonprofit online database. From the age of fifteen, when Swartz, a computer prodigy, worked with Lawrence Lessig to launch Creative Commons, to his years as a fighter for copyright reform and open information, to his work leading the protests against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), to his posthumous status as a cultural icon, Swartz's life was inextricably connected to the free culture movement. Now Justin Peters examines Swartz's life in the context of 200 years of struggle over the control of information."--

A Guide for the Idealist

A Guide for the Idealist
Title A Guide for the Idealist PDF eBook
Author Richard Willson
Publisher Routledge
Total Pages 209
Release 2017-09-01
Genre Architecture
ISBN 1351618318

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A Guide for the Idealist is a must for young professionals seeking to put their idealism to work. Speaking to urban and regional planners and those in related fields, the book provides tools for the reader to make good choices, practice effectively, and find meaning in planning work. Built around concepts of idealism and realism, the book takes on the gap between the expectations and the constraints of practice. How to make an impact? How to decide when to compromise and when to fight for a core value? The book advises on career "launching" issues: doubt, decision-making, assessing types of work and work settings, and career planning. Then it explains principled adaptability as professional style. Subsequent chapters address early-practice issues: being right, avoiding wrong, navigating managers, organizations and teams, working with mentors, and understanding the career journey. Underpinning these dimensions is a call for planners to reflect on what they are doing as they are doing it. The advice provided is based on the experience of a planning professor who has also practiced planning throughout his career. The book includes personal anecdotes from the author and other planners about how they launched and managed their careers, and discussion/reflection questions for the reader to consider.

The Idealist's Survival Kit

The Idealist's Survival Kit
Title The Idealist's Survival Kit PDF eBook
Author Alessandra Pigni
Publisher Parallax Press
Total Pages 258
Release 2016-12-27
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 1941529356

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75 brief self-care reflections that will aid workers, activists, and volunteers prevent burnout, renew their sense of purpose, and achieve fulfillment Heal from over-exhaustion, prevent burnout, and regain your motivation with these short readings from a psychologist who has spent many years in the field working in conflict and disaster areas. Gathered from Alessandra Pigni’s interaction with humanitarian professionals and backed up by cutting–edge research, these concrete tools offer new perspectives and inspiration to anyone whose work is focused on helping others.

Evolution of a Corporate Idealist

Evolution of a Corporate Idealist
Title Evolution of a Corporate Idealist PDF eBook
Author Christine Bader
Publisher Routledge
Total Pages 167
Release 2016-10-21
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1351861808

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There is an invisible army of people deep inside the world's biggest and best-known companies, pushing for safer and more responsible practices. They are trying to prevent the next Rana Plaza factory collapse, the next Deepwater Horizon explosion, the next Foxconn labor abuses. Obviously, they don't always succeed. Christine Bader is one of those people. She worked for and loved BP and then-CEO John Browne's lofty rhetoric on climate change and human rights--until a string of fatal BP accidents, Browne's abrupt resignation under a cloud of scandal, and the start of Tony Hayward's tenure as chief executive, which would end with the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Bader's story of working deep inside the belly of the beast is unique in its details, but not in its themes: of feeling like an outsider both inside the company (accused of being a closet activist) and out (assumed to be a corporate shill); of getting mixed messages from senior management; of being frustrated with corporate life but committed to pushing for change from within. The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist: When Girl Meets Oil is based on Bader's experience with BP and then with a United Nations effort to prevent and address human rights abuses linked to business. Using her story as its skeleton, Bader weaves in the stories of other "Corporate Idealists" working inside some of the world's biggest and best-known companies.

The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for First-time Job Seekers

The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for First-time Job Seekers
Title The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for First-time Job Seekers PDF eBook
Author Meg Busse
Total Pages 240
Release 2010
Genre Business & Economics

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"The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for First-time Job Seekers is a comprehensive resource for emerging professionals pursuing their first position in the nonprofit sector. Whether you are a current student, a recent graduate, or someone entering the workforce for the first time, this book will provide you with indispensable advice, relevant strategies, and nonprofit-specific resources to strengthen your job search. Written by nonprofit career experts, The Idealist Guide is designed to be easily accessible and convenient to read." -- viewed October 9, 2020.