The Brothers Silver

The Brothers Silver
Title The Brothers Silver PDF eBook
Author Marc Jampole
Total Pages 298
Release 2021-06-15
ISBN 9781952085079

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Jules and Leon Silver sit at a dusty Formica table in a cold kitchen, drinking warm sugar water. Downstairs in the basement, their mother is unconscious, having swallowed hundreds of Librium while the brothers were at Boy Scout camp, her latest suicide attempt. The food cupboards are empty. The phone doesn't give a dial tone. As the sun goes down, the kitchen grows cold. The boys sit in silence, waiting for their mother to die. She doesn't, but the guilt and anger they feel haunt the brothers for decades. The Brothers Silver follows Jules and Leon as they try to find their unanchored way through the cultural upheavals of the second half of the 20th century. The younger Leon lives on the drug-addled edges of society. The older brother, Jules, falls into a destructive relationship that parallels his past insecurities and chaos. What lies in store for the Silver brothers? Recovery or turmoil? The 12 chapters of The Brothers Silver unfold in ten voices, each of which has its own language and style, making the novel a tour de force of technique in the American tradition of accessible literary innovation established by Heller, Pynchon, and Wallace.

The Story of Silver

The Story of Silver
Title The Story of Silver PDF eBook
Author William L. Silber
Publisher Princeton University Press
Total Pages 360
Release 2021-01-12
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 0691208697

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"This is the story of silver's transformation from soft money during the nineteenth century to hard asset today, and how manipulations of the white metal by American president Franklin D. Roosevelt during the 1930s and by the richest man in the world, Texas oil baron Nelson Bunker Hunt, during the 1970s altered the course of American and world history. FDR pumped up the price of silver to help jump start the U.S. economy during the Great Depression, but this move weakened China, which was then on the silver standard, and facilitated Japan's rise to power before World War II. Bunker Hunt went on a silver-buying spree during the 1970s to protect himself against inflation and triggered a financial crisis that left him bankrupt. Silver has been the preferred shelter against government defaults, political instability, and inflation for most people in the world because it is cheaper than gold. The white metal has been the place to hide when conventional investments sour, but it has also seduced sophisticated investors throughout the ages like a siren. This book explains how powerful figures, up to and including Warren Buffett, have come under silver's thrall, and how its history guides economic and political decisions in the twenty-first century"--Publisher's description

Bright with Silver

Bright with Silver
Title Bright with Silver PDF eBook
Author Kathrene Sutherland Gedney Pinkerton
Publisher Pickle Partners Publishing
Total Pages 452
Release 2019-11-22
Genre History
ISBN 1839740485

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Bright with Silver, first published in 1947, it has been nearly sixty years since Kathrene Pinkerton wrote Bright with Silver. This study of the famous Fromm brothers and their endeavor and persistence to breed a very rare and valuable type of fox would become a landmark history of American entrepreneurship. The simple beauty and elegance of the silver fox would be the fulfillment of the brothers' struggles to build a fur breeding empire. The story of the Fromm brothers that Pinkerton provides is a classic study of ingenuity and stick-to-itiveness that for so many years became a trademark of these four brothers. The intricate and complex history of their endeavors began with growing ginseng. This included intense observations of the plant that would provide the conditions, which eventually yielded abundant harvests that resulted in the necessary cash to start their fur business. Of course, the main story of Pinkerton is how the dreams of a perfect silver fox culture had overtaken the Fromm's possessions, thoughts and lives. The continual endeavor to find the right strain for their silver fox breed and their devotion to medical research that would ease the ravages of disease that could plague these precious animals would be the story that Pinkerton does so very well. It is without doubt that these four brothers, Walter, Edward, John, and Henry brought to the central Wisconsin landscape a business enterprise that played a large part in the economic development of this part of the state. Their story has all the ingredients of imagination, creativity, and great business sense. This edition brings back the story of the Fromm brothers that has been long gone, and sorely missed from the Wisconsin literary scene. Included are 32 pages of photographs.

Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers
Title Blood Brothers PDF eBook
Author Lynette Ramsay Silver
Total Pages 0
Release 2010
Genre Prisoners of war
ISBN 9789833987399

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Tales from Silver Lands

Tales from Silver Lands
Title Tales from Silver Lands PDF eBook
Author Charles Joseph Finger
Publisher Scholastic
Total Pages 228
Release 1924
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 9780590424479

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A collection of nineteen tales from the Indians of various South American countries.

The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm All-New Third Edition

The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm All-New Third Edition
Title The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm All-New Third Edition PDF eBook
Author Jack Zipes
Publisher Bantam
Total Pages 800
Release 2003-01-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0553897403

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The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm Perhaps no other stories possess as much power to enchant, delight, and surprise as those penned by the immortal Brothers Grimm. Now, in the new, expanded third edition, renowned scholar and folklorist Jack Zipes has translated all 250 tales collected and published by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, plus twenty-nine rare tales omitted from the original German edition, as well as narratives uncovered in the brothers’ letters and papers. Truly the most comprehensive translation to date, this critically acclaimed edition recaptures the fairy tales as the Brothers Grimm intended them to be: rich, stark, spiced with humor and violence, resonant with folklore and song. One of the world’s experts on children’s literature, Jack Zipes is a professor of German at the University of Minnesota and is the author of numerous books on folklore and fairy tales.

Silver on the Tree

Silver on the Tree
Title Silver on the Tree PDF eBook
Author Susan Cooper
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Total Pages 368
Release 2023-11-14
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 166593297X

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The six champions of the Light join forces at last to fight the Dark in this fifth and final installment of Susan Cooper’s epic and award-winning The Dark Is Rising sequence, now with a brand-new look! The last great battle between the Light and the Dark has arrived, engulfing Will Stanton; his ageless master, Merriman; the three heroic Drew children; and Bran, the Welsh boy whose destiny is tied to the Light. On a quest through time and space that touches the most ancient myths of the islands of Britain, the six heroes fight fear and death in the darkly brooding mountains of Wales. And in the haunting Lost Land, Will and Bran find dream and nightmare, but also achieve the final talisman against the Dark: the crystal sword. In the dreadful last moment when the Dark rises, all the servants of the Light join to combine the powers of the sword and the six ancient signs. But even with the Signs on their side, can Light prevail?