The Book of Images

The Book of Images
Title The Book of Images PDF eBook
Author Rainer Maria Rilke
Publisher North Point Press
Total Pages 280
Release 2014-06-03
Genre Poetry
ISBN 1466872616

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Now substantially revised by Edward Snow, whom Denise Levertov once called "far and away Rilke's best translator," this bilingual edition of The Book of Images contains a number of the great poet's previously untranslated pieces. Also included are several of Rilke's best-loved lyrics, such as "Autumn," "Childhood," "Lament," "Evening," and "Entrance."

Book of Images

Book of Images
Title Book of Images PDF eBook
Author Erik Kessels
Publisher Walther Konig
Total Pages 352
Release 2020-01-30
ISBN 9783960986492

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This Book of Images comes as a true storm, full of ideas on how to think differently about photography and context. How they can blend in with each other, enhance each other or clash with each other, creating an adventure that goes far further than basic, passive viewing. Images on buildings, under water, up in the sky, printed, projected, still, moving, tiny or extremely large. You can touch them, smell them, play with them and immerse in them. This is a celebration of photography in its greatest form. Learn how to look differently and see more, and get inspired by this book on how to SHOW photography' - Erik Kessels Discover how to: reel and unreel with Francis Alys . go to jail with John Baldessari . play hide-and-seek with Liu Bolin . fight for your copyrights with René Burri . fly a drone with Tadao Cern . investigate crimes with Mat Collishaw . travel to the moon with Cristina De Middel . learn to count with Hans Eijkelboom . count numbers with Hans Peter Feldman . go for a road trip with Lee Friedlander . ride a funeral train with Paul Fusco . play with shadows with Shilpa Gupta . take an inside out selfie with JR . upload pictures with Erik Kessels . inflate a whale with Daido Moryiama . listen to street music with Christian Marclay . scuba dive with Guido Mocafico . stand on your head with Arnold Odermatt . shoot crazy music videos with Ok Go . enter a picture with Martin Parr . open a drugstore with Christian Patterson . get lost in a crowd with Alex Prager . choose a gun with Andres Serrano . be supersized with Cindy Sherman . shoot a target with Roman Signer . sleep with Alec Soth . drill images with Vhils . build a house with Erwin Wurm...

A book of images

A book of images
Title A book of images PDF eBook
Author W.T. Horton
Publisher Good Press
Total Pages 45
Release 2023-07-09
Genre Fiction

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"A book of images" by W.T. Horton. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The Language of Images

The Language of Images
Title The Language of Images PDF eBook
Author W. J. Thomas Mitchell
Total Pages 307
Release 1980-01
Genre Art
ISBN 9780226532158

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"A remarkably rich and provocative set of essays on the virtually infinite kinds of meanings generated by images in both the verbal and visual arts. Ranging from Michelangelo to Velazquez and Delacroix, from the art of the emblem book to the history of photography and film, The Language of Images offers at once new ways of thinking about the inexhaustibly complex relation between verbal and iconic representation."—James A. W. Heffernan, Dartmouth College

A World of Images

A World of Images
Title A World of Images PDF eBook
Author Laura H. Chapman
Total Pages 314
Release 1992-01-01
Genre Art
ISBN 9780871922304

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Images from a Life on the Road

Images from a Life on the Road
Title Images from a Life on the Road PDF eBook
Author Tony Levin
Total Pages
Release 2020-11-15
ISBN 9781792355011

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Working with Images

Working with Images
Title Working with Images PDF eBook
Author Ben Goldstein
Publisher Ernst Klett Sprachen
Total Pages 0
Release 2008
Genre Language and languages
ISBN 9783125343290

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A CD-ROM which has over 500 images that can be used for the activities in the book is also included. In the introduction, the author articulates several strong reasons for using images in the language classroom. He also provides a brief history of the image in language teaching, along with some tips for finding images to use. The rest of the book is divided into two parts: one organised around activity types, the other arranged by image type. Chapter 2, Interpreting images, invites students not only to describe pictures, but also to use their own thought processes. This chapter has some unique activities, including 'Out of focus', where students look at distorted pictures and attempt to determine what the original image was. In Chapter 3, Creating images, students are put in touch with their creative sides through drawing, photography and collages. Chapter 4, Imaging, is the final chapter in the first section of the book. It involves students' imaginations, engaging their mental imagery. In 'Questions to a portrait', students look at a and generate a series of questions to ask, along with possible answers. The second section of the book begins with Chapter 5, Signs, symbols and icons. Here, students explore masks, stamps, hand gestures, flags.