Gotama Buddha

Gotama Buddha
Title Gotama Buddha PDF eBook
Author Hajime Nakamura
Publisher Tuttle Publishing
Total Pages 540
Release 2000-09
Genre Religion

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In Gotama Buddha, Professor Hajime Nakamura embarks on a search for the details of the historical Buddha's life. He conducts an exhaustive analysis of both the oldest, most reliable texts and later biographies of the Buddha that contain mythological material. Carefully sifting these texts to separate facts from embellishments, he constructs a biography that begins with the Indian historical context at the time of Buddha's Birth and takes the reader through all the stages of his life. Professor Nakamura also compares the oldest Buddhist texts with the earliest Jain and Hindu writings and finds surprising similarities that elucidate the significance of the historical Buddha. Archeological discoveries and factual elements from Buddhist art support Professor Nakamura's fascinating story. This is the first of two volumes; The second will be printed at a later date.

The Living Thoughts of Gotama the Buddha

The Living Thoughts of Gotama the Buddha
Title The Living Thoughts of Gotama the Buddha PDF eBook
Author Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy
Publisher Courier Dover Publications
Total Pages 0
Release 2000
ISBN 9780486414393

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This scholarly yet highly readable volume offers a concise introduction to the tenets of Buddhism. A brief biography and an overview of doctrine is followed by a series of Pali texts, attributed to Buddha himself. Rich in parables and observations, the texts are thematically organized around the founder, his prophesies, training, and the transcendent state.

Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha
Title Gautama Buddha PDF eBook
Author Vishvapani Blomfield
Publisher Quercus
Total Pages 464
Release 2013-10-01
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1623652405

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The words and example of Gautama (often known by the title, "Buddha") have affected billions of people. But what do we really know about him? While there is much we cannot say for certain about the historical Gautama, this persuasive new biography provides the fullest and most plausible account yet. Weaving ancient sources and modern understanding into a compelling narrative, Gautama Buddha places his birth around 484 BCE, his Enlightenment in 449 BCE and his death in 404 BCE, a century later than the traditional dates. Vishvapani Blomfield examines Gautama's words and impact to shed fresh light on his culture, his spiritual search and the experiences and teachings that led his followers, to call him "The Awakened One." Placing Gautama in a credible historical setting without assuming that he was really just an ordinary person, this book draws on the myths and legends that surround him to illuminate the significance of his life. It traces Gautama's investigations of consciousness, his strikingly original view of life and his development of new forms of religious community and practice. This insightful and thought-provoking biography will appeal to anyone interested in history and religion, and in the Buddha as a thinker, spiritual teacher and a seminal cultural figure. Gautama Buddha is a gripping account of one of history's most powerful personalities.


Title Siddhartha PDF eBook
Author Hermann Hesse
Publisher ببلومانيا للنشر والتوزيع
Total Pages 170
Release 2024-04-03
Genre Fiction

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Herman Hesse's classic novel has delighted, inspired, and influenced generations of readers, writers, and thinkers. In this story of a wealthy Indian Brahmin who casts off a life of privilege to seek spiritual fulfillment. Hesse synthesizes disparate philosophies--Eastern religions, Jungian archetypes, Western individualism--into a unique vision of life as expressed through one man's search for true meaning.

Gotama The Buddha

Gotama The Buddha
Title Gotama The Buddha PDF eBook
Author Dr. Dhananjay Chavan
Publisher Embassy Books
Total Pages 550
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 9386450348

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A book not only for every follower of the Buddha around the world but also for every person who wants to understand the Buddha. This book is a study with a heart but one where reason is allowed to be free. In any study of the historical Buddha there are two major obstacles to confront. Firstly, there are the systematic prejudices that developed against him through the centuries in his own country. Secondly, some of the fantastic myths associated with him can give pause to a modern man of science. As this book shows, however, these hurdles can be readily surmounted. This is done by responding to the Buddha's famous exhortation to "come and see" Rather than accept the Buddha blindly, the book invites readers to simply open their hearts and minds enough to examine him in a fair manner. Though the author uses the Tipitaka as his primary authority, he does not tie himself to any particular tradition. The Buddha's universal teaching came out of the Indian subcontinent's agrarian culture. He was firmly rooted in this world and not in any heavenly realms. The book takes the reader on a journey into the life and the teachings of this son of Earth-an extraordinary human being who offered his fellow humans a timeless road map to a happy life. The book also raises questions that will hopefully help to foster healthy dialogue, in the true spirit in which the Buddha wanted others to look at and follow his teaching.

The Life of Gotama the Buddha

The Life of Gotama the Buddha
Title The Life of Gotama the Buddha PDF eBook
Author Earl H. Brewster
Total Pages 276
Release 1926
Genre Buddha (The concept)

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Footprints of Gautama the Buddha

Footprints of Gautama the Buddha
Title Footprints of Gautama the Buddha PDF eBook
Author Marie Beuzeville Byles
Publisher Quest Books
Total Pages 236
Release 1967
Genre Religion

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The Lord Buddha as his disciples remember him.