Dancing to Learn

Dancing to Learn
Title Dancing to Learn PDF eBook
Author Judith Lynne Hanna
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Total Pages 231
Release 2014-11-17
Genre Education
ISBN 147580606X

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Dancing to Learn: Cognition, Emotion, and Movement explores the rationale for dance as a medium of learning to help engage educators and scientists to explore the underpinnings of dance, and dancers as well as members of the general public who are curious about new ways of comprehending dance. Among policy-makers, teachers, and parents, there is a heightened concern for successful pedagogical strategies. They want to know what can work with learners. This book approaches the subject of learning in, about, and through dance by triangulating knowledge from the arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and cognitive and neurological sciences to challenge dismissive views of the cognitive importance of the physical dance. Insights come from theories and research findings in aesthetics, anthropology, cognitive science, dance, education, feminist theory, linguistics, neuroscience, phenomenology, psychology, and sociology. Using a single theory puts blinders on to other ways of description and analysis. Of course, all knowledge is tentative. Experiments necessarily must focus on a narrow topic and often use a special demographic—university students, and we don’t know the representativeness of case studies.

Dancing Is the Best Medicine

Dancing Is the Best Medicine
Title Dancing Is the Best Medicine PDF eBook
Author Julia F. Christensen
Publisher Greystone Books Ltd
Total Pages 239
Release 2021-10-26
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1771646357

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“Lively and enlightening.”—Sarah L. Kaufman, Washington Post “[A] zippy guide to better health.”—Publisher’s Weekly STARRED Review Discover why humans were designed for dancing—and learn how to boogie for better health—with two neuroscientists as your guide. Dancing is one of the best things we can do for our health. In this groundbreaking and fun-to-read book, two neuroscientists (who are also competitive dancers) draw on their cutting-edge research to reveal why humans are hardwired for dance show how to achieve optimal health through dancing Taking readers on an in-depth exploration of movement and music, from early humans up until today, the authors show the proven benefits of dance for our heart, lungs, bones, nervous system, and brain. Readers will come away with a wide range of dances to try and a scientific understanding of how dance benefits almost every aspect of our lives. Dance prevents and manages illness and pain: such as Diabetes, arthritis, back pain, and Parkinson’s. Dance can be as effective as high intensity interval training: but without the strain on your joints and heart. Dance boosts immunity and lowers stress: it also helps reduce inflammation. Dance positively impacts the microbiome: and aids in digestion, weight loss, and digestive issues such as IBS. Dance bolsters the mind-body connection: helping us get in tune with our bodies for better overall health. We’re lucky that one of the best things we can do for our health is also one of the most fun. And the best part: dance is something anyone can do. Old or young, injured or experiencing chronic pain, dance is for everyone, everywhere. So, let’s dance! Types of dance featured in the book: Partner dance (salsa, swing dancing, waltz) Ballet Hip hop Modern Jazz Line dancing Tap dancing And more!

Dancing Lessons

Dancing Lessons
Title Dancing Lessons PDF eBook
Author Cheryl Burke
Publisher Turner Publishing Company
Total Pages 165
Release 2011-01-31
Genre Performing Arts
ISBN 0470951370

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The inside story of the life of Cheryl Burke, TV star, dancer, choreographer, and two-time champion on the top-rated TV hit series Dancing with the Stars Cheryl Burke has been dancing since the age of four and competing since she was thirteen years old. Over several exciting seasons, she has captivated audiences of Dancing with the Stars with her incredible dance performances, Emmy-nominated choreography, high energy, and bright smile. In Dancing Lessons, she takes you from her childhood years into the world of competitive ballroom dancing and on to Dancing with the Stars. Includes behind-the-scenes stories and photos from the life of the first two-time champion of Dancing with the Stars Shares lessons Cheryl has learned from her celebrity partners on Dancing with the Stars, from Drew Lachey to Chad Ochocinco Includes personal revelations concerning Cheryl's childhood, weight issues, and the media In Dancing Lessons, Cheryl Burke whisks you away to a world full of dancing, entertainment, and living to the max. In each chapter, you will discover a depth of passion in Cheryl's life that perfectly matches the commitment she displays on the dance floor. Cheryl's accounts of being a powerful woman putting her talent to work will inspire readers everywhere to pursue their own dreams. "Not only an amazing dancer, but a kick-ass woman to look up to." —Jenny McCarthy

Christy Lane's Complete Book of Line Dancing

Christy Lane's Complete Book of Line Dancing
Title Christy Lane's Complete Book of Line Dancing PDF eBook
Author Christy Lane
Publisher Human Kinetics
Total Pages 212
Release 2000
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9780736000673

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Teaches the national versions of the 22 most popular line dances.

Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age

Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age
Title Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age PDF eBook
Author Bohumil Hrabal
Publisher New York Review of Books
Total Pages 160
Release 2012-04-25
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1590175565

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Rake, drunkard, aesthete, gossip, raconteur extraordinaire: the narrator of Bohumil Hrabal’s rambling, rambunctious masterpiece Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age is all these and more. Speaking to a group of sunbathing women who remind him of lovers past, this elderly roué tells the story of his life—or at least unburdens himself of a lifetime’s worth of stories. Thus we learn of amatory conquests (and humiliations), of scandals both private and public, of military adventures and domestic feuds, of what things were like “in the days of the monarchy” and how they’ve changed since. As the book tumbles restlessly forward, and the comic tone takes on darker shadings, we realize we are listening to a man talking as much out of desperation as from exuberance. Hrabal, one of the great Czech writers of the twentieth century, as well as an inveterate haunter of Prague’s pubs and football stadiums, developed a unique method which he termed “palavering,” whereby characters gab and soliloquize with abandon. Part drunken boast, part soul-rending confession, part metaphysical poem on the nature of love and time, this astonishing novel (which unfolds in a single monumental sentence) shows why he has earned the admiration of such writers as Milan Kundera, John Banville, and Louise Erdrich.

Dancing with Your Books

Dancing with Your Books
Title Dancing with Your Books PDF eBook
Author John J. Gibbs
Publisher Plume Books
Total Pages 196
Release 1990
Genre Education

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Zen Buddhists have long taught that success at any task can be achieved only through a mastery of concentration. The college freshman and business professional alike will appreciate this effective approach to learning made enjoyable.

Josephine Wants to Dance

Josephine Wants to Dance
Title Josephine Wants to Dance PDF eBook
Author Jackie French
Publisher HarperCollins UK
Total Pages 34
Release 2008
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 0007263163

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Josephine loves to dance. The emus show her how to point her toes. The eagles teach her how to soar to the music of the wind. Then the ballet comes to the sleepy town of Shaggy Gully and Josephine learns that there's another way to dance. This is how Josephine wants to dance, but will her dream ever come true?