Jewelry of Southeast Asia

Jewelry of Southeast Asia
Title Jewelry of Southeast Asia PDF eBook
Author Anne Ritcher
Publisher Abradale Press
Total Pages 312
Release 2000-11
Genre Antiques & Collectibles

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Southeast Asian jewelry is eagerly sought by collectors around the globe. Once prized largely for its ethnographic interest, today it is recognized as a high art form. In a tour de force of original research and synthesis, involving years of study and extensive travel throughout the region, Anne Richter gives us the first comprehensive account of a jewelry tradition that stretches across millennia from the vigor of Neolithic and Bronze Age art to the present day.Magnificent gold jewelry of classical Cambodia and Java, a man's ruby-eyed dragon ring from Thailand, silver work of the Vietnamese court, filigree bridal necklaces of Sumatra, jeweled belt buckles and tobacco boxes of Malaysia, royal gold sashes of the pre-Hispanic Philippines, adornment for remote hill peoples -- the more than 300 pieces seen here, many previously unpublished, reveal a jewelry notable for its beauty and rich significance. The analyses of the symbolism shed new light on Asian cultures, while the aesthetic appeal of the items makes this volume irresistible for all jewelry lovers.

Southeast Asia in World History

Southeast Asia in World History
Title Southeast Asia in World History PDF eBook
Author Craig Lockard
Publisher Oxford University Press
Total Pages 270
Release 2009-04-30
Genre History
ISBN 0195338111

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Here is a brief, well-written, and lively history of Southeast Asia from ancient times to the present, paying particular attention to the region's role in world history. Lockard shows how for several millennia Southeast Asians, living at the crossroads of Asia, enjoyed ever expanding connections to both China and India, and later developed maritime trading networks to the Middle East and Europe. Lockard describes colonization by Europeans and Americans between 1500 and 1914 and shows how Southeast Asians regained their independence after World War II.

Gold Jewellery of the Indonesian Archipelago

Gold Jewellery of the Indonesian Archipelago
Title Gold Jewellery of the Indonesian Archipelago PDF eBook
Author Anne Richter
Publisher Editions Didier Millet
Total Pages 482
Release 2012
Genre Antiques & Collectibles
ISBN 981426038X

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Gold Jewellery of the Indonesian Archipelago features more than 500 stunning, never-before published examples of tribal, ethnic, ancient and courtly body ornaments from Indonesia's outer islands - Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, the Lesser Sunda Islands and Maluku. Written by Anne Richter, author of Arts and Crafts of Indonesia and Jewelry of Southeast Asia, and Bruce Carpenter, acknowledged expert with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Indonesian art, history and culture, and more than 16 books to his name, this volume provides a compelling introduction to the little-known visual power and beauty of Indonesian jewellery. Illustrated with archival artwork and maps as well as photos of carefully selected rare ornamental adornments, this book also traces the historical origins of Indonesia's remarkably diverse culture and peoples.

Art of Southeast Asia

Art of Southeast Asia
Title Art of Southeast Asia PDF eBook
Author Maud Girard-Geslan
Publisher Abradale Press
Total Pages 0
Release 1998
Genre Art, Southeast Asian
ISBN 9780810919952

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Southeast Asia, that immense region stretching from India to the Far East, encompasses Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar - the former Burma - and Thailand), Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Each country is endowed with its own national artistic identity and its own cultural heritage. At the same time, all gain strength from their common Asian identity. In a series of essays, a group of highly regarded scholars examine the mix of significant influences that have shaped the region's art. Of various nationalities, most have traveled, lived, and taught in Asia and are fluent in one or more Asian languages. Both the educated reader and the expert will find much that is new in these pages.

Arts of Southeast Asia

Arts of Southeast Asia
Title Arts of Southeast Asia PDF eBook
Author Fiona Kerlogue
Total Pages 224
Release 2004
Genre Art
ISBN 9780500203811

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"The pagodas of Burma, the temples of Angkor, the great Buddhist monument of Borobudur - these achievements of powerful courts and rulers are the most familiar part of a broad artistic tradition that includes textiles, sculpture, offers new insights into the interpretation and importance of Southeast Asian art, and local artistis are embracing new subjects and media as the area opens up to world travel and communication. Covering Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, Dr Kerlogue examines the roots and development of the arts of this distinctive region from prehistory to the present day. The book traces the reflection of indigenous beliefs and world religions - Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity - in artistic expression, arriving at an exploration of the post-colonial period."--Back cover.

Food Culture in Southeast Asia

Food Culture in Southeast Asia
Title Food Culture in Southeast Asia PDF eBook
Author Penny Van Esterik
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Total Pages 175
Release 2008-08-30
Genre Social Science
ISBN 0313344205

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Southeast Asian cuisines, such as Thai, have become quite popular in the United States even though immigrant numbers are low. The food is appealing because it is tasty, attractive, and generally healthful, with plentiful vegetables, fish, noodles, and rice. Food Culture in Southeast Asia is a richly informative overview of the food and foodways of the mainland countries including Burma, Thailand, Lao, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia, and the island countries of Singapore, Brunei, East Timor, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Students and other readers will learn how diverse peoples from diverse geographies feed themselves and the value they place on eating as a material, social, and symbolic act. Chapter 1, Historical Overview, surveys the archaeological and historical evidence concerning mainland Southeast Asia, with emphasis on the Indianized kingdoms of the mainland and the influence of the spice trade on subsequent European colonization. Chapter 2, Major Foods and Ingredients, particularly illuminates the rice culture as the central source of calories and a dominant cultural symbol of feminine nurture plus fish and fermented fish products, local fresh vegetables and herbs, and meat in variable amounts. The Cooking chapter discusses the division of labor in the kitchen, kitchens and their equipment, and the steps in acquiring, processing and preparing food. The Typical Meals chapter approaches typical meals by describing some common meal elements, meal format, and the timing of meals. Typical meals are presented as variations on a common theme, with particular attention to contrasts such as rural-urban and palace-village. Iconic meals and dishes that carry special meaning as markers of ethnic or national identity are also covered. Chapter 6, Eating Out, reviews some of the options for public eating away from home in the region, including the newly developed popularity of Southeast Asian restaurants overseas. The chapter has an urban, middle-class bias, as those are the people who are eating out on a regular basis. The Special Occasions chapter examines ritual events such as feeding the spirits of rice and the ancestors, Buddhist and Muslim rituals involving food, rites of passage, and universal celebrations around the coming of the New Year. The final chapter on diet and health looks at some of the ideologies underlying the relation between food and disease, particularly the humoral system, and then considers the nutritional challenges related to recent changes in local food systems, including food safety.

Modern Art of Southeast Asia: Introductions from A to Z

Modern Art of Southeast Asia: Introductions from A to Z
Title Modern Art of Southeast Asia: Introductions from A to Z PDF eBook
Author Roger Nelson
Publisher National Gallery Singapore
Total Pages 281
Release 2019-08-31
Genre Art
ISBN 9811147256

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Modern Art of Southeast Asia: Introductions from A to Z features 60 concise and accessibly written accounts of the key ideas and currents underlying modern art in the region. These are accompanied by over 250 beautifully reproduced artworks from the collection of National Gallery Singapore, and other public and private collections in Southeast Asia and beyond. The book offers an informative first encounter with art as well as refreshing perspectives, and is a rewarding resource for students.