The Enigma of Desire

The Enigma of Desire
Title The Enigma of Desire PDF eBook
Author Galit Atlas
Publisher Routledge
Total Pages 196
Release 2015-10-16
Genre Psychology
ISBN 1317655273

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The Enigma of Desire: Sex, Longing and Belonging in Psychoanalysis, introduces new perspectives on desire and longing, in and outside of the analytic relationship. This exciting volume explores the known and unknown, ghosts and demons, sexuality and lust. Galit Atlas discusses the subjects of sex and desire and explores what she terms the Enigmatic and the Pragmatic aspects of sexuality, longing, female desire, sexual inhibition, pregnancy, parenthood and creativity. The author focuses on the levels of communication that take place in the most intimate settings: between mothers and their babies; between lovers; in the unconscious bond of two people— in the consulting room, where two individuals sit alone in one room, looking and listening, breathing and dreaming. Atlas examines the ways in which different languages, translations and integrations focus on birth, death, sexuality, and human bonds. In The Enigma of Desire each chapter opens with a narrative, a therapeutic story which illustrates both the analyst’s and patient’s desires and the ways these interact and emerge in the consulting room. This book will be of interest to anyone who is interested in the intricacies of sex and desire and of great appeal to psychoanalysts, therapists and mental health professionals.


Title Marked PDF eBook
Author Pedro Urvi
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages 358
Release 2016-04-16
ISBN 9781532781926

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Book One in the international bestselling Fantasy series. Join thousands of readers all over the world in this thrilling saga. A classic epic fantasy bursting with intrigue and action. Discover a vast and fascinating universe, filled with lively, unique, entrancing characters. Immerse yourself in this adventure, packed with mystery and action. Decipher the Enigma of the Ilenians, which reigned in the dawn of time, only to disappear without trace. What happened to this Lost Civilization? What arcane mystery surrounds it? Tremia, a continent on the brink of war. Three kingdoms fighting to seize power over the great continent. Experience palace intrigues, spying, treachery, murder and relentless pursuits. Discover the sinister figure manipulating the fate of the continent from the shadows. A coming of age heroic quest with classic fantasy components: sword fights, magic, a witch, wizards, sorcery, shamans, necromancers, and non stopping action. All wrapped in mystery and intrigue. Fantasy, Steel, Magic and Love. Live an adventure filled with intense romance, all-out fighting and magic. Synopsis: Komir, a young warrior from the mountains of Tremia, is trying to find his place among his tribe, the Norriel, when Fate knocks at his door in the cruelest possible way, to claim him as the hero he still does not realize he is. Together with his good friend Hartz he will begin a quest, an adventure full of mysteries and magical enigmas, which will lead him to discover his past, understand his present, and face a future of epic proportions. The Ilenian Enigma: MARKED (Book #1) CONFLICT (Book #2) TRIALS (Book #3) DESTINY (Book #4) A saga that will keep you gripped!

The Enigma Story

The Enigma Story
Title The Enigma Story PDF eBook
Author Dermot Turing
Publisher Arcturus Publishing
Total Pages 220
Release 2022-09-01
Genre History
ISBN 1398818046

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'Turing writes on codebreaking with understandable authority and compelling panache.' - Michael Smith, bestselling author of Station X. The Enigma cipher was supposed to be the German's impenetrable defence for its military communications against prying eyes during World War II. All manner of secrets were entrusted to it. When the Allies finally managed to crack the code, it heralded a turning point in the war. Written by Dermot Turing - the nephew of famous codebreaker Alan Turing - The Enigma Story reveals the efforts of the codebreakers at Bletchley Park, the machines called 'bombes' specially designed to break it, and the vast resources devoted in America to decrypting German messages. From the cloak-and-dagger heroics of men like Hans-Thilo Schmidt and Gustave Bertrand to the brilliant mathematical discoveries of men like Henryk Zygalski and Dilly Knox to the fraught decision-making of Allied High Command, the battle for the code was at the heart of the Allied victory in World War II. This extraordinary tale of intrigue, ingenuity and courage brings to life the complete story of the Enigma in a lively and entertaining narrative.

Alan Turing: The Enigma

Alan Turing: The Enigma
Title Alan Turing: The Enigma PDF eBook
Author Andrew Hodges
Publisher Princeton University Press
Total Pages 768
Release 2014-11-10
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1400865123

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A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The official book behind the Academy Award-winning film The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley It is only a slight exaggeration to say that the British mathematician Alan Turing (1912-1954) saved the Allies from the Nazis, invented the computer and artificial intelligence, and anticipated gay liberation by decades--all before his suicide at age forty-one. This New York Times–bestselling biography of the founder of computer science, with a new preface by the author that addresses Turing's royal pardon in 2013, is the definitive account of an extraordinary mind and life. Capturing both the inner and outer drama of Turing’s life, Andrew Hodges tells how Turing’s revolutionary idea of 1936--the concept of a universal machine--laid the foundation for the modern computer and how Turing brought the idea to practical realization in 1945 with his electronic design. The book also tells how this work was directly related to Turing’s leading role in breaking the German Enigma ciphers during World War II, a scientific triumph that was critical to Allied victory in the Atlantic. At the same time, this is the tragic account of a man who, despite his wartime service, was eventually arrested, stripped of his security clearance, and forced to undergo a humiliating treatment program--all for trying to live honestly in a society that defined homosexuality as a crime. The inspiration for a major motion picture starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley, Alan Turing: The Enigma is a gripping story of mathematics, computers, cryptography, and homosexual persecution.

The Enigma of Gunpowder Plot, 1605

The Enigma of Gunpowder Plot, 1605
Title The Enigma of Gunpowder Plot, 1605 PDF eBook
Author Francis Edwards
Total Pages 536
Release 2008
Genre History

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In his Introduction, the late Fr Edwards quotes Archbishop Mathew's succinct summary of the three solutions to the gunpowder plot: according to the orthodox, old-fashioned view Salisbury discovered the conspiracy, a second judgement is that he nourished it and a third that is that he invented it. The third solution is carefully investigated in this book. In his very typical style, Fr Edwards constructs his narrative of events by drawing heavily on the extant primary sources - which is not to say that he does not notice the huge bibliography on the subject. Sir Robert Cecil, Lord Salisbury does not come well out of this extensive study - but that is only to be expected.

Unraveling an Enigma

Unraveling an Enigma
Title Unraveling an Enigma PDF eBook
Author Shandi Boyes
Total Pages 0
Release 2023-05-04
ISBN 9781923062030

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I've known for months that Isabelle was hiding something in her beautiful chocolate eyes. I just had no clue it was something so mammoth. Over the past five years, I've become accustomed to the vicious ploys women undertake for my attention. The spilled drinks, the damsel in distress. Hell, I've even been propositioned with money from wealthy business associates in my industry just for the chance to occupy my bed for the night. However, Isabelle was by far the most elaborate ruse I've ever come across. The woman who invades my every waking thought is an undercover FBI Agent. A stringent ruse to pry me of privy information no one outside of my inner circle has access to. I'll give it to her, she performed well. She played me like a f*cking fiddle. Only now, after being arrested by Isabelle, do I realize all my assumptions about her have been terribly inaccurate. I don't know her at all. She's practically a stranger. Or she will soon become one. **This is book 2 in the Enigma Series **

The Enigma of God

The Enigma of God
Title The Enigma of God PDF eBook
Author Frank Marcello Antonetti
Publisher BalboaPress
Total Pages 370
Release 2012-02-29
Genre Religion
ISBN 1452547408

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You will come to know yourself in a deeper way of love and self acceptance realizing that there is nothing you can do that can offend God. Even when you think you are bad, you are working out a role as a son in need, a need that God will satisfy. Today accept your role in Gods plan by being you! You are the savior to the world; we are counting on you. Discover your inheritance today.