Strawinskys "Motor Drive"

Title Strawinskys "Motor Drive" PDF eBook
Author Monika Woitas
Publisher epodium
Total Pages 279
Release 2010
Genre Music and dance
ISBN 3940388106

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Ein Buch über Strawinsky in Tanz und Musik.

Stravinsky in the Americas

Stravinsky in the Americas
Title Stravinsky in the Americas PDF eBook
Author H. Colin Slim
Publisher Univ of California Press
Total Pages 488
Release 2019-03-05
Genre Music
ISBN 0520971531

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Stravinsky in the Americas explores the “pre-Craft” period of Igor Stravinsky’s life, from when he first landed on American shores in 1925 to the end of World War II in 1945. Through a rich archival trove of ephemera, correspondence, photographs, and other documents, eminent musicologist H. Colin Slim examines the twenty-year period that began with Stravinsky as a radical European art-music composer and ended with him as a popular figure in American culture. This collection traces Stravinsky’s rise to fame—catapulted in large part by his collaborations with Hollywood and Disney and marked by his extra-marital affairs, his grappling with feelings of anti-Semitism, and his encounters with contemporary musicians as the music industry was emerging and taking shape in midcentury America. Slim’s lively narrative records the composer’s larger-than-life persona through a close look at his transatlantic tours and domestic excursions, where Stravinsky’s personal and professional life collided in often-dramatic ways.

The Downfall of Money

The Downfall of Money
Title The Downfall of Money PDF eBook
Author Frederick Taylor
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Total Pages 433
Release 2015-03-03
Genre History
ISBN 1620402378

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"Excellent . . . Mr. Taylor tells the history of the Weimar inflation as the life-and-death struggle of the first German democracy . . . This is a dramatic story, well told." --The Wall Street Journal

The Downfall of Money

The Downfall of Money
Title The Downfall of Money PDF eBook
Author Fred Taylor
Publisher A&C Black
Total Pages 434
Release 2013-01-01
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1408839911

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Many theorists believed a hundred years ago, just as they did at the beginning of our twenty-first century, that the world had reached a state of economic perfection, a never before seen condition of beneficial human interdependence that would lead to universal growth and prosperity. And yet the early years of the Weimar Republic in Germany witnessed the most complete and terrifying unravelling of a major country's financial system to have occurred in modern times.The story of the Weimar Republic's financial crisis has a clear resonance in the second decade of the twenty-first century, when the world is anxious once more about what money is, what it means and how we can judge if its value is true. The Downfall of Money will tell anew the dramatic story of the hyperinflation that saw the once-solid German mark, worth 4.2 to the dollar in 1914, trading at over four trillion by the autumn of 1923. It is a trajectory of events uncomfortably relevant for today's uncertain world.The Downfall of Money will reveal the real causes of the crisis, what this collapse meant to ordinary people, and also trace its connection to Germany's subsequent catastrophic political history. By drawing on a wide range of sources and making sense for the general reader of the vast amount of specialist research that has become available in recent decades, it will provide a timely, fresh and surprising look at this chilling period in history.

Strawinsky in the Theatre

Strawinsky in the Theatre
Title Strawinsky in the Theatre PDF eBook
Author Minna Lederman
Total Pages 88
Release 1948

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Title Programs PDF eBook
Author University of Michigan. School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Total Pages 1074
Release 2007
Genre Concert programs

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Frank O'Hara's New York School & Mid-Century Mannerism

Frank O'Hara's New York School & Mid-Century Mannerism
Title Frank O'Hara's New York School & Mid-Century Mannerism PDF eBook
Author Sam Ladkin
Publisher Oxford University Press
Total Pages 377
Release 2024-02-29
Genre Poetry
ISBN 0192692046

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Frank O'Hara's New York School & Mid-Century Mannerism offers a ground-breaking account of the poet Frank O'Hara and the extraordinary cultural blossoming O'Hara catalysed, namely the mid-century experimental and multi-disciplinary arts scene, the New York School. Fresh accounts of canonical figures (Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, George Balanchine, Fred Astaire) and original work on those too little discussed (Edwin Denby, Elaine de Kooning) resound with analysis of queer iconology from Michelangelo's David to James Dean. Sam Ladkin argues that O'Hara and the New York School revive Mannerism. Turning away from interpretations of O'Hara's Transcendentalism, Romanticism, or pastoralism, 'mid-century Mannerism' helps explain O'Hara's self-conscious style, its play with sweet and grand grace, contortion of conventional measure, risks with affectation, conceits, nonchalance, and scrambling of high/low culture. Mannerism clarifies the sociability implicit in the formal innovations of the New York School. The work also studies the kinship between art mediums by retooling rhetoric and recovering a perennial manneristic tendency beyond period style. Genealogies of grace, the figura serpentinata, sprezzatura, ornatus, and the marvellous exemplify qualities exhibited by O'Hara's New York School. Ladkin relates the essential role of dance in the New York School. O'Hara's reception has been tied to painting, predominantly Abstract Expressionism. He was also, however, a balletomane, a fan, for whom ballet was 'made up exclusively of qualities which other arts only aspire to in order to be truly modern.' Relaying ballet's Mannerist origins and aesthetics, and demonstrating its influence alongside Broadway and Hollywood musical-dance on art and poetry, completes the portrait of mid-century modernity.