Martial Arts For Dummies

Martial Arts For Dummies
Title Martial Arts For Dummies PDF eBook
Author Jennifer Lawler
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages 390
Release 2002-11-29
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 0764553585

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There’s plenty of good reasons that millions of people around the world study martial arts. Besides the fact you can get a great workout when you study a martial art, you may also experience a rewarding balance between your mind, body, and spirit that you just won’t find anywhere else. Plus, it can be a lot of fun! No matter what shape you’re in, martial arts is a great way to drop extra pounds, learn to defend yourself, and develop personal and physical discipline. Whether you’re already studying a style of fighting or you’re just considering it, you’ll find everything you need to know in this helpful, friendly guide (including which movies to check out!). The book breaks down the differences and presents the basics of each style of fighting, so you can make an informed choice about which style you want to study. You’ll also find out what makes for a good instructor, so you can be sure that you’re learning from the best. And there’s much more. You’ll find out: What martial arts is and is not Five resolutions you must accept Understanding the role of the instructor How to set goals for yourself All about the proper clothes, shoes, and equipment How to prevent injuries The philosophy of self defense All about competing in tournaments About Meditation and breathing techniques The lowdown on weapons There’s also a helpful glossary of foreign-language terminology that you’ll frequently encounter in the dojo – that’s the training hall – so you’ll always be prepared. Whether you’re looking for a new way to get in shape, or a new way to sharpen your mind, Martial Arts For Dummies is all you need to get started in Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, or any other style!

Mixed Martial Arts For Dummies

Mixed Martial Arts For Dummies
Title Mixed Martial Arts For Dummies PDF eBook
Author Frank Shamrock
Publisher For Dummies
Total Pages 0
Release 2009-04-20
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 9780470390719

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Your full-color guide to this wildly popular combat sport! Mixed martial arts is sweeping the globe! In this practical guide, legendary MMA Champion Frank Shamrock shares his expertise and love for the sport. He introduces you to his famous training and fighting system, explaining the virtues, ethics, and techniques of MMA in clear detail while showing you how to develop a safe, effective training regimen. Begin with MMA basics — discover the history, the fighting styles, and modern rules and training techniques Prepare to start training — strengthen your body, focus your mind, learn the concepts of combat, and find a good instructor Stand up for yourself — your introductory course in stand up fighting, from essential strikes and defense to inside fighting with the clinch and takedowns Get ready to grapple — understand the essentials of ground fighting, including the guard position, submissions, and escapes Become a well-rounded fighter — improve your nutrition, develop a warm-up routine, expand your mental training, and get the rest you need Open the book and find: Proven strategies to train your body and mind More than 150 step-by-step, full-color photos illustrating proper technique The 8 positions of power Necessary MMA training equipment The styles and strategies of MMA competition Fight-specific training drills and games Tips for increasing your speed and avoiding injury Advice from the expert on improving your ground game

Martial Arts for Beginners

Martial Arts for Beginners
Title Martial Arts for Beginners PDF eBook
Author Ron Sieh
Publisher Writers & Readers
Total Pages 155
Release 1995
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 9780863161711

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Presenting an overview of the martial arts--their history, cultural importance, characteristics, and technique--this book discusses martial arts in general terms, especially the training and discipline which they all have in common, and the metamorphosis every martial artist must make, from the external to the internal. Covers T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Aikido, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kempo, and more.

Essential Karate Book

Essential Karate Book
Title Essential Karate Book PDF eBook
Author Graeme Lund
Publisher Tuttle Publishing
Total Pages 210
Release 2015-12-29
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 1462905595

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The Essential Karate Book is an informative, illustrated guide to the techniques, philosophy and practice of karate. With 20 chapters covering practically every aspect of karate, this in-depth reference will assist students and instructors as they plot their course through karate instruction, benefiting those at all levels. The Essential Karate Book contains 200 diagrams mapping out moves with 300 step-by-step photographs and companion videos, making it a comprehensive general karate reference for Western audiences. Readers of this karate guide will learn about: Stances, blocks, strikes and kicks Preparing your body through warm-ups, stretching, and conditioning through karate-specific exercises Kata grading and fighting (kumite) techniques and competition rules Martial arts weapons (kobudo), and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) applications The origins and history of karate Required behavior, clothing and etiquette, as well as the fundamentals of karate and the different styles that share them The Essential Karate Book is a must-have for any martial arts enthusiast, from beginners to black belts!

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tae Kwon Do

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tae Kwon Do
Title The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tae Kwon Do PDF eBook
Author Karen Eden
Publisher Penguin
Total Pages 324
Release 1998
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 9780028623894

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A guide to the Korean martial art chronicles the sport's history and explains etiquette, belts and rankings, and training routines

Complete Martial Arts Training Manual

Complete Martial Arts Training Manual
Title Complete Martial Arts Training Manual PDF eBook
Author Ashley Martin
Publisher Tuttle Publishing
Total Pages 160
Release 2012-04-16
Genre Sports & Recreation
ISBN 1462905552

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The Complete Martial Arts Training Manual is a complete guide for anyone who has an interest in the martial arts. Having a broad knowledge of the various techniques of the martial arts gives a martial artist an expanded ability to counteract a variety of attacks and overwhelm an opponent's defenses. Author Ashley Martin shares with the reader his years of experience as a practitioner and teacher. He provides a catalog of the various martial arts being taught worldwide and their strengths and weaknesses. He then covers the basics of hand-to-hand techniques within each of those disciplines, from strikes to ground fighting. Finally, he offers information on the overall health and well being of the martial artist, including important nutritional information and stretching techniques. The Complete Martial Arts Training Manual is a solid foundation of martial arts for beginners and a key supplement for the veteran martial artist.

The Way of the Cosmic Fist

The Way of the Cosmic Fist
Title The Way of the Cosmic Fist PDF eBook
Author Rod Griffin
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages 138
Release 2018-05-08
ISBN 9781718838901

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Editorial Reviews:"In this all inclusive book Master Gabriel and Mr. Griffin give you a thorough introduction into the art of Tai-Chuan-Tao. -- Action Martial Arts Magazine "Interesting, and a welcome addition to any martial artist's book collection!" -- Martial Arts Today Television "Take that! It was good enough to defend Ozzie Osborne, Warren Beatty, Kiss and other notable celebrities!" -- The Business Journal From the Publisher:Bringing philosophy back into the martial arts, Griffin and Gabriel do a wonderful job reminding us of what the martial arts is all about. For over forty years, while staying true to its philosophy, Tai-Ch'uan-Tao (TCT) has been creating sport karate champions. To date, with over thirty state and world champions it continues to do so. Many famed sport karate teams have benefited from Tai-Ch'uan-Tao's impressive techniques and style. To have one talented individual is a reflection on them, but to have many, that is a reflection on its instructor and its system. Two years in the making, this is the first official book on Tai-Ch'uan-Tao's system, principles, practice, and beginning techniques. Continuing this tradition and bringing philosophy back into the martial arts, in this all-inclusive book Si-fu Griffin and Master Gabriel give you a thorough introduction into the Art of Tai-Ch'uan-Tao. You will learn first-hand what is meant by, "Clearing the gate." You'll learn the system, basic blocks, kicks, attacks, vital points and defensive techniques. You'll also learn the first three forms, the requirements for your next rank and much more! We invite you to see and learn for yourself why Tai-Ch'uan-Tao continues to be an art that not only helps you in combat but through-out your whole life.