Healing Our Animal Friends with Eft

Healing Our Animal Friends with Eft
Title Healing Our Animal Friends with Eft PDF eBook
Author Andrea Christos
Publisher AuthorHouse
Total Pages 82
Release 2009-02
Genre Animal behavior therapy
ISBN 1438914709

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This is a psychosexual thriller involving two detectives and their personal relationships. Detective Abby Kane and Detective Dean Frost search for a serial killer who stakes his victims while trying to keep their wayward wives, Kara and Rayna in line. The two women are very close friends and quite troublesome. It is difficult at times for the detectives to try to balance their personal lives using consensual spanking with their spouses and solve a murder case but they manage until it's a race against time to save Kara and Rayna. How is it possible that they could both be in danger at the same time in two different places?

Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals and Their Humans

Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals and Their Humans
Title Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals and Their Humans PDF eBook
Author Joan Ranquet
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Total Pages 177
Release 2023-06-27
Genre Pets
ISBN 1644118084

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Energetically reprogram your animal’s behavioral, emotional, and health patterns with EFT • Explains the fundamentals of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and how to apply it to animals • Illustrates the tapping points for dogs, cats, and horses on separate maps • Includes EFT tapping sequences for dogs, cats, and horses for emotional and behavioral challenges, relationship enhancement, wellness, and end-of-life care Who has not experienced a dog who just won’t stop barking or a cat that seems to strike out without apparent reason? Relief might be at hand with the simple yet effective point-tapping practices of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that provide an excellent hands-on tool for treating behavioral, emotional, and health challenges in animals. In this practical guide, expert animal communicator and healer Joan Ranquet shows how to apply this energetic bodywork method on animals such as dogs, cats, or horses. As you tap on certain acupressure points with a specific intention in mind, the animal will experience energetic release on the levels of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. For easy access, you will find maps clearly illustrating the specific EFT acupressure points on dogs, cats, and horses; in addition, Joan provides sample point sequences and intention scripts geared to specific ailments, conditions, and behavioral challenges as well as end-of-life care. Targeted to work with and relieve difficult emotions, the points used in EFT sequences each have a feel-good aspect to them, either a calming or releasing effect, and the scripts work to help break up old behavioral or emotional patterning. Presenting a way to cut straight to the energetic source of the problems the animal experiences and provide relief even if you don’t know the cause of their pain, this guide will help you not only become closer to your animal companions but also improve their well-being as well as your own.

Self Love and the Healing of Our Animal Friends

Self Love and the Healing of Our Animal Friends
Title Self Love and the Healing of Our Animal Friends PDF eBook
Author Betsy Adams
Publisher BalboaPress
Total Pages 112
Release 2012-02-15
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 1452546088

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If you feel you really love animals, this book is for you. If you feel how much your animals love you, this book is for you. Our feelings profoundly affect the health of our animals as well as our own health - physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually. When we Heal these feelings by Feeling the Love We Already Are, tremendous, life-changing events occur. Our animals health is dramatically improved, as is our own. We are tremendously powerful creators of our own reality, and by turning to Feeling the Love We Already Are, we can help create Health for our animals, for ourselves, for Earth and this Universe we all live in together. Ultimately, surrendering to the Love We Are is the most Healing of all, and the most Healing for all. Through stories, examples, metaphysical and Spiritual messages and exercises, this book explores how to help Heal our animals and ourselves. As free will beings, we are able, with the help of God, to Heal. This is true for our animals as well as for each of us. In this time of Earth Changes and Natures Healing, the animals are Healing too. As are we all, if we so choose.

Soul Friends: Finding Healing with Animals

Soul Friends: Finding Healing with Animals
Title Soul Friends: Finding Healing with Animals PDF eBook
Author Kate Nicoll
Publisher Dog Ear Publishing
Total Pages 145
Release 2005
Genre Dog adoption
ISBN 0976660369

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This book follows the psychological process leading to the adoption of an animal companion and alerts adopters to potential unconscious needs, patterns of behavior and elements of rescuing that hugely impacts dog adoptions in today's world. This insightful exploration encourages readers to complete self-examination prior to adoption that is more meaningful than current applications and potentially avoids fallout from unsuccessful adoptions. Psychological elements that impact the meeting of the "perfect dog" are often misunderstood and seemingly disregarded by potential adopters. Nicoll explores her personal history, her first experience with pet loss and rescue fantasies as potent narratives that may lead to irresponsible relationships with our animal companions. Current trends toward positive reinforcement in dog training explore psychological theories of cognitive and behavioral approaches in everyday interactions with animals. Nicoll encourages readers to delve deep into the psychological underpinnings of the human-animal bond to enhance the relationship and find meaning in our life with dogs. The work of companionship is highlighted as a potential opportunity for deep self-reflection and healing while playing, learning and living life with our animal friends. Guidelines for seeking healing with our soul friends will potentially decrease unsuccessful adoptions and promote a sense of reverence for the healing lick.

Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions

Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions
Title Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions PDF eBook
Author Tammy Billups
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Total Pages 192
Release 2018-04-10
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 1591433061

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A guide to understanding the profound connection in animal/human relationships and its potential for mutual healing • Explains the unspoken connection between people and their animal companions and how they share the same energetic patterns and emotional wounds • Outlines specific behavioral traits and physical issues that animals may exhibit as they mirror their caregiver’s emotional state of being • Explores holistic modalities humans can employ, such as energy therapy, to promote healing in animals and ultimately themselves The animals we attract in our lives reflect us in many ways. Our connections with them run deeply, down to the soul level. Just like us, they are also on a journey to evolve their soul through their relationships and experiences, and each has deeply spiritual messages for us and intentions for our personal growth. In this book, Tammy Billups invites you to explore and deepen this profound relationship, showing how you can co-evolve along with your animal companions, experience unconditional love, and, ultimately, enact healing for both animal and caregiver. Offering a soulful and bioenergetic perspective on decoding our animals’ actions, behaviors, and physical issues, Billups explains how our animal companions share our energetic patterns and emotional wounds, revealing issues in our own lives that may be hidden or suppressed. She identifies the five core emotional wounds in animals and the ways in which they manifest, outlining specific behavioral traits and physical issues animals may exhibit as they mirror our emotional states. She explains how to connect with them on a profound level so we can grasp their needs more clearly and learn what they have to teach us. She also provides guidance to help your animals heal the emotional wounds and traumas that create their anxiety, stress behaviors, aggression, and fears. The author details a three-step process to help you through decisions you will make on your pets’ behalf and explains how, when a person works on healing a core emotional issue in their life--abandonment for example--it helps the animal release this same issue and the corresponding negative behaviors as well. She also shows how extremely receptive animals are to energy work, holistic healing, and spiritual practices, explaining how these methods unlock emotional barriers and enable both person and animal to heal and reach their highest potential in conscious evolution. Providing tools to identify our animals’ messages more quickly, the author shows how our pets’ higher purpose is to help people understand themselves.

Therapy Pets

Therapy Pets
Title Therapy Pets PDF eBook
Author Jacqueline Crawford
Publisher Prometheus Books
Total Pages 198
Release 2010-05
Genre Psychology
ISBN 1615920803

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Pets love us unconditionally. They're always happy to see us, they encourage us when we're feeling down, and their devotion is touching and reassuring. If this is true for the average pet owner, it is especially true for the disabled, handicapped, emotionally troubled, and seriously ill person.In this uplifting book we learn firsthand how the field of Animal Assisted Therapy is having remarkable success training animals to help and enhance the lives of children and adults with serious medical problems. Hospital rehabilitation programs, physical and occupational therapy sessions, nursing homes, mental healthcare facilities, and hospice programs are just some of the settings where dogs, cats, horses, and other animals have helped patients cope with often daunting medical challenges.With more than fifty photographs showing the visible improvements that trained therapy pets are making in the lives of sick and disabled people, the compelling stories relate many inspiring incidents of the healing animal-human partnership: six-year-old Brendan, disabled from birth, successfully completes his physical therapy with the help of Zorro, a big black hound once considered unadoptable; Philip, a hospice patient in his last days, finds some joy in the company of a therapy dog named Andy; and Tikva, a Keeshond therapy dog from Oregon, helps to comfort emotionally drained firefighters at New York City's Ground Zero.For animal lovers, healthcare providers, and anyone who appreciates how animals and humans interrelate, this is a wonderful, truly inspirational book.Jacqueline J. Crawford is a clinical psychologist at Lakeland Mental Health Center in Moorhead, MN, and the lead author of Please! Teach ALL of Me: Multisensory Instruction for Preschoolers.Karen A. Pomerinke is a professional dog trainer in the state of Washington and the moderator of the pet-advice website www.greatpets.com.Donald W. Smith is a photographer, website designer, and a retired mental health counselor.

TIME Animals and Your Health

TIME Animals and Your Health
Title TIME Animals and Your Health PDF eBook
Author The Editors of TIME
Publisher Time Inc. Books
Total Pages 186
Release 2016-04-29
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 161893869X

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Our history with pets goes a long way back. While it may not always be the happiest of tales, one thing is clear— we need one another. In a story that has gone from adversarial to one of function, we now have come to view animals as healers. They do more than feed us and serve us; they help us grow socially, emotionally and spiritually. In this new Special Edition from TIME, we explore the many ways in which animals enrich our lives.

Animals and Your Health covers many topics including emotional–support animals, which are popping up everywhere, and increasingly come in all shapes, sizes, and species to the science of animal healing—how do animals boost our health and happiness, and how do you measure the results? How do animals help connect us to other people, and help extend and enhance the lives of the elderly? They have been proven to help ease PTSD in the lives of suffering soldiers and veterans—what special qualities do they have that facilitate this? Readers will also delve into what every dog and cat owner wonders on an almost daily basis about their pet: "What are you thinking?" Covering animal friendships, animals in pop culture and so much more, Animals and Your Health will bring understanding to our long–standing relationship with the creatures that we share the planet with.