Bach's Works for Solo Violin

Bach's Works for Solo Violin
Title Bach's Works for Solo Violin PDF eBook
Author Joel Lester
Publisher Oxford University Press
Total Pages 197
Release 2003-11-27
Genre Music
ISBN 0195171446

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J.S. Bach's sonatas and partitas for solo violin have been central to the violin repertoire since the mid-18th century. This engaging introduction to these works is the first comprehensive exploration of their place within Bach's music, focusing on their structural and stylistic features as they have been perceived since their creation. Combining an analytical study, a historical guide, and an insightful introduction to Bach's style, this book will help violinists, scholars, and other listeners develop a deeper personal involvement with many aspects of these wonderful pieces.

Bach's Solo Violin Works

Bach's Solo Violin Works
Title Bach's Solo Violin Works PDF eBook
Author Jaap Schroder
Total Pages 160
Release 2007-06-01
Genre Music
ISBN 9780300204612

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Long admired for his interpretation of Bach's six 'Sonatas and Partitas' for unaccompanied violin, Jaap Schroder provides a detailed but informal guide to their performance."

Works for violin

Works for violin
Title Works for violin PDF eBook
Author Johann Sebastian Bach
Publisher Courier Corporation
Total Pages 162
Release 1978-01-01
Genre Music
ISBN 0486236838

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Reprinted from the renowned Bach-Gesellschaft edition, this work features the complete Sonatas and Partitas for Unaccompanied Violin and the six Sonatas for Violin and Clavier. The music has been reproduced in a size large enough to read easily, with large noteheads, wide margins for notes, and lay-flat pages.

A Musicology of Performance

A Musicology of Performance
Title A Musicology of Performance PDF eBook
Author Dorottya Fabian
Publisher Open Book Publishers
Total Pages 356
Release 2015-08-17
Genre Music
ISBN 178374152X

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This book examines the nature of musical performance. In it, Dorottya Fabian explores the contributions and limitations of some of these approaches to performance, be they theoretical, cultural, historical, perceptual, or analytical. Through a detailed investigation of recent recordings of J. S. Bach’s Six Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin, she demonstrates that music performance functions as a complex dynamical system. Only by crossing disciplinary boundaries, therefore, can we put the aural experience into words. A Musicology of Performance provides a model for such a method by adopting Deleuzian concepts and various empirical and interdisciplinary procedures. Fabian provides a case study in the repertoire, while presenting new insights into the state of baroque performance practice at the turn of the twenty-first century. Through its wealth of audio examples, tables, and graphs, the book offers both a sensory and a scholarly account of musical performance. These interactive elements map the connections between historically informed and mainstream performance styles, considering them in relation to broader cultural trends, violin schools, and individual artistic trajectories. A Musicology of Performance is a must read for academics and post-graduate students and an essential reference point for the study of music performance, the early music movement, and Bach’s opus.

Sei Solo: Symbolum?

Sei Solo: Symbolum?
Title Sei Solo: Symbolum? PDF eBook
Author Benjamin Jeffery Shute
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Total Pages 296
Release 2016-06-16
Genre Religion
ISBN 1498239420

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One of the jewels in the crown of Johann Sebastian Bach's sacred music is its use of astonishingly subtle and complex allegorical and representational devices. But when similar devices appear in the context of one of Bach's untexted, secular, instrumental collections such as the Six Solos (sonatas and partitas) for violin, the question arises whether he might be intending to embed discernible theological significances there as well, thus infusing the secular with the sacred. Such designs would be reasonably plausible within Bach's musical, cultural, and religious context. Shute carefully investigates the extent to which musical features of the Six Solos that seem to invite theological parallels might indeed have been intended to do so. Although the precise extent of Bach's intentions cannot be ascertained with certainty, the degree of correlation among strong potential signifiers would seem to suggest that they, and many other features of the Six Solos, are best explained as the product of extensive theological-allegorical designs on Bach's part, like those evident in his texted vocal music.

Unaccompanied Bach - Performing the Solo Works

Unaccompanied Bach - Performing the Solo Works
Title Unaccompanied Bach - Performing the Solo Works PDF eBook
Author David Ledbetter
Total Pages 360
Release 2019-11-27
ISBN 9780300253863

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This pioneering book by an acclaimed expert is the first to discuss all of Bach's unaccompanied pieces in one volume, including an examination of crucial issues of style and composition type and the options open to interpretation and performance. David Ledbetter, a leading expert on Bach, provides the historical background to Bach's instrumental works, as well as detailed commentaries on each work. Ledbetter argues that Bach's unaccompanied works--the six suites for solo cello, six sonatas and partitas for solo violin, seven works for lute, and the suite for solo flute--should be considered together to enable one piece to elucidate another. This illuminating and significant book is essential for professionals, performers, students, or anybody who wishes to learn more about Bach's music.

The Bach Chaconne for Solo Violin

The Bach Chaconne for Solo Violin
Title The Bach Chaconne for Solo Violin PDF eBook
Author Jon F. Eiche
Publisher Alfred Music
Total Pages 166
Release 1985
Genre Music

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"Facsimile of the autograph manuscript": p. [11-16]